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Dedicated, tenacious, and fearless.
Mr. Ernie Nishii

Ernie Nishii

Ernie Nishii is a Los Angeles native and a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law – one of the top law schools in the nation. He is an experienced trial attorney in general civil matters.

“I believe that in order to have an optimal legal representation, you need your client to trust you. We are trustworthy. We will succeed in providing you with the best results.”

About the Law Office

Our focus here at LAW OFFICE OF H. ERNIE NISHII is to provide quality representation to individuals injured or harmed by someone’s negligence. We also offer contract dispute services and commercial litigation. We dedicate ourselves to providing you with the best legal services and helping you get the justice you deserve.

Our clients can expect dependable representation and compassionate attention to their legal needs. The Law Office was established for the sole purpose of obtaining justice for individuals who need high-quality legal assistance at a price that anyone can afford. If you have been a victim or have lost a loved one in a fatal accident due to the fault or wrongdoing of someone else, our lawyers are committed to providing you with the best representation.

We are tenacious and fearless. We represent you and not the big corporations and fat cats. We fight to obtain just and fair compensation for those wrongfully injured or killed.